Debuting my work at Joe’s Pub has been a longtime dream of mine, and I’m incredibly grateful for the brilliant team that came together to make it happen this January!!!

Each song in WHERE WE ARE is inspired by a map collected by the Hand Drawn Map Association. Full of humor, heartbreak, and humanity, the song cycle spans the physical and emotional terrain of characters caught between Point A and Point B.

WHERE WE ARE was brought to life by the unparalleled Claire Kwon, Sarah Dacey Charles, David Baida, and Stefan Schallack, directed by Jess Slaght, music directed by Andrea Yohe, orchestrated by Shane Dittmar, and accompanied by Sarah Fazendin (violin), Caitlin Thomas (cello), Katty Mayorga (guitar), Britton Matthews (percussion), and Andrea Yohe (piano). I’ll never forget how surreal it was to watch these gorgeous creatives breathe life into the project. <3

You can view some highlights from the evening here!

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