Painting Faye Salvez

We’re thrilled to announce that PAINTING FAYE SALVEZ will be joining the New York Musical Festival (NYMF)‘s 2017 Festival! More info here.

PAINTING FAYE SALVEZ is a new musical about the family and friends of Faye Salvez, a teenage girl who’s been missing for three years. Faye’s mother, in a last attempt to save her crumbling marriage, has commissioned an artist to paint a family portrait. This artist — neurotic college grad Jonathan Nickels — specializes on painting people who aren’t present, and insists on interviewing Faye’s loved ones in an effort to truthfully capture her essence in the painting. The musical takes place over the course of one day, as three of Faye’s friends, her parents, and her grandmother gather for a series of interviews with Jonathan. While some fervently hold on to hope that Faye could be found, others — namely, her superstitious grandmother — fear that this hope is unhealthy. Tensions build and memories of Faye clash, until Jonathan is faced with the question: is it ultimately the responsibility of an artist to present the truth, even if it’s not what an audience wants to see?

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PAINTING FAYE SALVEZ to join NYMF’s 2017 Festival (March 2017)

Excerpt of PAINTING FAYE SALVEZ Performed at Northwestern University (December 2016)

Reading of PAINTING FAYE SALVEZ at The Dalton School (May 2016)